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Top 10 Wisdom Tooth Removal Clinics in Your City

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are known to many to be one of the
problematic dental issues. The growth process of the tooth at the far end of the
mouth is extremely painful and arises at the time of adulthood. It generally
serves no use and majority of people actually have to remove it. The time of
growth for the teeth is when an individual is active with chewing, so infections
and consequently pain occurs and is very unbeatable. Taking it out seems like
the appropriate justice.

The price of wisdom teeth extraction procedure is one factor to consider
before visiting a dental clinic in Dunedin, Otago. The price range may vary
between $75 to $200 with a local anaesthetic. Some may even be as much as $300 for
the dental procedure.

1. Nearby Dental in Dunedin

A website dedicated to giving solutions to all dental related issues has a list of dental clinics offering to do this procedure. No need to go an extra mile in Dunedin, the website located a good dental clinic
around your surroundings. They provide emergency dental treatments and general services.

However for the sake of background knowledge, here are ten wisdom teeth removal in Dunedin to consider visiting to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Otago

There is a free consultation being offered to everyone. Make sure to book your appointment today.

2. Knox Dental

The dental clinic centralized in North Dunedin is a local
practice which offers the best of comfort, open through Monday to Friday. Their
practice is tested and trusted having high ratings online.

3. Gentle Dental Clinic

Found on George Street, this clinic following their name
offers gentle procedures from Monday through to Friday, within the hours of 9
and 5.

4. Dunedin Dental Care

DDC is located on Pinehurst Road and a family-oriented
dental centre. Removal of your tooth is ensured to be sterile and smooth.
Patients with disabilities are welcomed also and treated with utmost respect
and care.

5. Bell Hill Dental

Another family-oriented dental care clinic offering
professional and non-judgemental care to patients. Scheduling an appointment
making is possible in this clinic at no extra charge to fit into customers and
patients schedule not imposing specific consultation time. They are located on
Princes Street, Dunedin.

6. Green Island Dental Center

The term old but gold can be used to describe this great Green
Island located a dental clinic. Searching for a dental clinic within the Island
that will give adequate care and attention for your wisdom tooth, GIDC is
the clinic for you.

7. Smart Dental Care

A clinic which eliminates the problematic tooth and offers services
at a good price is the smart dental care. A visit to this practice on the High
street, is definitely a smart move. Visit their website to book an appointment.

8. Lepore Comprehensive

Do you have health
insurance and are looking to fix your wisdom tooth at a clinic which recognizes
it, visit LCC today. For individuals without insurance, the clinic has plans,
affordable and smart to engage in for proper healthcare solution.

9. Victoria Liu Dental

This powerful woman strong practice is sure to give you the
best dental care in a conducive environment. Her patients testify of the gentleness
and relaxed feel her clinic offers. A visit to Victoria is not one that will
fail you.

10. Octagon Dental Suite

The octagon dental suite is a high class dental clinical practice
which treats and cares for your tooth issue effectively and swift.

11. The University of Otago

Otago University Dunedin

The University of Otago Dentistry faculty is a professional service giving the
most comfortable wisdom tooth removal at the convenience and comfort of
patients. Read more guides here.