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Top 10 Urgent Clinics Near Otago


Dunedin is an amazing city full of life and good stuff. You can visit a truly wide array of places here including the famous Larnach Castle and the Tunnel Beach. But this city has more than that because you can get high-quality dental services whenever you want. The very first dentistry school was opened at the University of Otago in Dunedin.

Getting high-quality dental services in Dunedin is easy when you know where to go. We will talk about 10 of the best and most affordable practices that you can go to get the treatment. Whether it is fillings or implants, wisdom tooth extraction. Whether you are travelling and you need oral surgery. Keeping your teeth healthy has never been easier. Therefore, we encourage you to continue reading so you just get more information down the road.

1. Nearby Dental Dunedin Logo

They cosmetic dentistry and many other treatments that are professional and friendly. They offer teeth whitening, implants, cosmetic and general dentistry. They have many reviews from the local customers who have said a lot about their positive experience. We also have a clinic for 24-hour emergency dental treatments.

2. Lumino The Dentists

Lumino The Dentists is here to just stay for a long time, just because they can give you the emergency dental care that you have been seeking for a long time. They are located in 10 Pitt St in North East Valley. The dental office offers a wide array of services, such as orthodontics, teeth whitening, crowns, dentures and more. You have to book an appointment to know the prices.

3. Gentle Dental

Gente dental is also an amazing emergency dental service that will just allow you to keep your teeth looking shiny at all the time. They are located on 10 George Street. They offer a truly wide array of services including teeth whitening, emergency dentistry and general hygiene. They also have competitive prices.

4. Bell Hill Dental

This is awesome because it can just give you what you need when it comes to emergency dentistry. They are located on Queen’s Building, 109 Princes Street. They offer just a wide array of services including teeth whitening, family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

5. York Place Dental

They offer what you want when it comes to 24-hour emergency dentistry. They are located in York Place near the Octagon. They offer both regular and cosmetic dentistry. Their prices vary depending on the service you choose.

6. Knox Dental Centre

Knox dental is one of the oldest practices. They are located on 483 George Street in North Dunedin. They offer both regular and cosmetic dentistry. Their prices vary depending on the treatment.

7. Urgent Doctors Dunedin

Dunedin Urgent Doctors offers high-quality dental service truly that you just have been seeking just for a long time too. They are located on 18 Filleul Street. They offer a truly wide array of services including but not limited to medical and dental services. They specialise in a dental emergency. The fee starts at $20.

8. Octagon Dental Suite

Octagon Dental Suite will just allow you to get the emergency dental services that you just have been seeking. They are located at 7/10 George Street. They can help you deal with a lot of things including soft-tissue injuries, abscess and fillings. They also offer emergency services.

9. Wakari Hospital

Wakari Hospital will give you emergency dental services. The place is located on 369 Taieri Road, Halfway Bush. They also offer a wide array of services including oral health and prices vary.

10. Dunedin Public Hospital

You just can get the dental services you need at Dunedin Public Hospital. They are located at 20 Great King Street. You will receive a top tier treatment when you visit. They will go truly above and beyond to make you feel truly special and you just will truly love this place.

Dunedin Emergency Dental

11. University of Otago

The famous University of Otago has a faculty of Dentistry that you can take advantage of. They are located on 310 Great King Street North Dunedin. They offer just a wide array of dental services at a price you can afford. And that is truly just part of this amazing package. They also sell these services at affordable prices down the line.

If you want to keep your teeth healthy you just have to go to the places we have just talked about above so you just can get what you want. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to getting reliable dental services that you truly have been waiting for, and that is truly just part of the package. Remember that these dental offices and organisations offer their services at affordable prices at all times. These days and you just will get the result you seek. Therefore head to these places if you need to keep your teeth looking nice and shiny. And remember to smile more. For more information visit our homepage.

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