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Top 10 Restaurants in Dunedin

Best restaurants in Dunedin

The Dunedin city is New Zealand’s third largest city with a rich history. It is famous for being a city of art, food, wine and film. Every year there are festivals held to celebrate wine, food, beer art and more. The city is also very beautiful with great sceneries, places to visit and a lot of historical buildings to see. Now whether you want to eat at a flash local restaurant or have a takeaway this city has it all. We all want to eat great local authentic food that represents their culture.

We know that finding the best place to eat can be a hassle. We spend hours reading through Trip Advisor reviews in hope that others have had positive experiences, but the thing is that people have different taste, so what someone else might like you may not. It can take a lot of time and research to find the right place that suits your taste and you have to make sure the food will be good.

We can admit that we have all been there, we find a place we think offers the best food but it ends in disappointment and waste of money. Luckily we have done all the research for you, we have been through all the restaurants and takeaways and even tried their food. So we can confirm the places below offer quality food. For these places to be listed here they had to pass our list of checklist requirements which includes quality of food, customer service, price, location and authenticity.

Here are the top 10 best places to eat in Dunedin:

1. Glenfalloch Restaurants

glenfalloch restaurant

Located on Portobello Road Glenfalloch Restaurant offers New Zealand Cuisine, meals and drinks. They offer lunch and dinner. They are vegan and family friendly. They have a perfect 5-star rating on and a 4.3 rating on The reviews are great which shows people are happy with the food and the quality of the restaurant.

Etrusco Octagon2. Etrusco at the Savoy


Etrusco is a very popular restaurant located on 8 Moray Place and very close to the Octagon. They offer Italian and European food including pasta, pizzas, venison and drinks. With a 4.5 star rating on and Trip Advisor, you cannot go wrong. Many people have been there and I have personally been there and tried their delicious pasta and pizza.

3. Vogel St Kitchen

Vogel Kitchen is another very popular restaurant in Dunedin offering local cuisine, vegan options, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu includes pizzas, brunch, sandwiches, porridge, eggs bene, seafood and more. They are very popular with the locals. With a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor and 4.4 rating on Google, they are great. This is one of the places to visit in Dunedin.

4. Two Chefs Bistro

Located on 121 Stuart St is local Bistro offering a range of food including steak, duck, French soup, dessert and more. They offer both French and European food. With almost 260 reviews on Trip Advisor and Google, they are a good option to see too. Their opening hours are weekdays only so make sure to head down there and try some delicious French cuisine. These guys are famous in Dunedin.

5. Lone Star Cafe & Bar

Lone Star Bar George St

Located on George Street and very close to, they offer great food and entertainment. They are children friendly, vegan-friendly and offer both lunch and dinner. Lone Star menu includes steak, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetarian. They are open all week including weekends. I have seen great reviews on both Trip Advisor and Google, so head down there.

6. Nova

Nova offers breakfast, coffee and dinner with great wine. Located at the heard of the Octagon with great accessibility. Some of Nova menus include Pork Enterprise, Salmon, Burgers, Pork Belly, sides and desserts. What is most popular about Nova is their great range of drinks available. I have seen some great reviews and have been there myself personally and enjoyed the burger and traditional NZ drinks. They have almost 600 reviews and a solid 4.0-star rating.

7. Chopsticks 101

Located on George Street, Chopsticks 101 is a traditional Chinese restaurant offering a range of authentic Chinese cuisine. I have been there several times and the food is amazing. My friends always go there at least once a week because the pricing is great and the food quantity is good too. Some of their menus include chicken and beef curry, noodles, soup and more. They also have some great reviews among locals who are regular visitors to the restaurant.

8. Zucchini Bros

Zucchini Bros Menu

Located on 286 Princes Street Zucchini Bros offer traditional Italian pizza and pasta. If you love Italian food then you will love the food at Zucchini Bros. I myself personally love pizza and they are 10 times better here than Dominos. They have some amazing reviews on Trip Advisor and Google reviews, so be sure to check them out next time you are in town.

9. Albar

If you are looking somewhere that offers great beers and drinks along with amazing food then look no further than Albar. They are located on the heart of Dunedin right at the Octagon. They are a bar as well as a restaurant. If you want to try the New Zealand beer but you are also hungry then head down to Albar.

10. Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar

I have been and tried the food at Ombrellos and I can confirm they offer some of the best curries and burgers in Dunedin. I tried the chicken curry and they were amazing and professionally prepared. The staff are very friendly and offer great service. The drinks are great, beers are amazing and they have a bar area where you can hang out and socialize. Although the food is a little pricey, they are definitely worth it I say. They also have great reviews on Trip Advisor and Google from people who have been there and loved the food. Their opening hours are lunch and dinner and lunch only on weekends. They are located very close to the Otago University Dental School.

Family Restaurants Dunedin

Finding the best place to take your family out for dinner or lunch can be a challenging task because we want our family to enjoy the food and the atmosphere provided by the restaurant. We have a list of recommended places to take out your family and these are Glenfalloch Restaurant, Lone Star, Ombrellos, Chopsticks 101 and Vogel St Kitchen. These are also placed best for fine dining. For more information click here.

If you are looking for cheap eating places then you can go to a number of Asian and Indian restaurants. If you enjoy these beautiful places, be sure to check out the top 10 things to do in Dunedin, while you are visiting.